Las Palmas Villas & Casitas
Las Palmas Villas & Casitas
Las Palmas Villas & Casitas
Las Palmas Villas & Casitas
Las Palmas Villas & Casitas
Vacatios Tropical Huatulco Hotel

Exclusive Architecture & Interiors

We believe that Architecture informs
experience. Las Palmas involve natural
elements wind, sun, ligth to create a unique
memories in the guest.

Las Palmas Huatulco
Enjoy time with loved ones under the shade
of the poolside palapa or spend a moment alone
in your personal suite just taking-in the view.
Vacatios Tropical Huatulco Hotel

Perfect balance between
design & nature

Landscaped by Eng. Cesar Ramirez, Las Palmas was given the opportunity to grow into itself. Accommodating countless palm trees of a variety of species, fountains, waterfalls, and an unbelievably fertile environment the manicured tropical gardens of Las Palmas that will take your breath away. Every area of Las Palmas was designed with privacy and intimacy in mind and as every year our gardens grow thicker the property will continue to mature like fine wine.
Designed and built by famed Architect Gontran Orozco Canales, Las Palmas Villas & Casitas seamlessly fuses form and function. With a modern Mexican colonial vernacular this boutique resort nestles itself on the hillside overlooking the tranquil beach of Violin.

Architect Orozco is best known for one of his earlier Huatulco Villa designs which was later purchased by one of Latin Americas most famous musicians. In addition, this unique oceanfront Huatulco Villa was the Kohler model home for Latin America and gave Architect Orozco notoriety in Architectural Digest late in 2001.

Within Huatulco’s tropical setting Las Palmas lends itself to its environment by housing many dramatic natural materials and features including: a large central Palapa supported by massive palm trunks and engulfed in strangler vines (a must see), lush tropical gardens with a variety of flora and fauna and large infinity pools that make you feel as though the warm waters of the Pacific have been brought into your living room.

Rather than fight its surroundings, Architect Orozco, created diverse indoor/ outdoor living spaces allowing those fortunate enough to visit Las Palmas the opportunity to truly delve in the soft breezes, sweet smells and relaxing sound of this Pacific paradise. “Live to the outside” was a common theme throughout the development.
Las Palmas Resort
Playa Violin, El Faro
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Huatulco, México