The Guelaguetza, or Los lunes del cerro

For over 40 years, traditionally the “Fiestas de los lunes del cerro” held in the Cd. Of Oaxaca, The Guelaguetza is an event in which all the people involved, regardless of social status.

The Guelaguetza, or Los lunes del cerro (Mondays on the Hill) is an annual indigenous cultural event in Mexico that takes place in the city of Oaxaca, capital of the state of Oaxaca, as well as in nearby villages. The celebration centers on traditional dancing in costume in groups, often gender-separated groups, as is traditional, and includes parades complete with indigenous walking bands, native food, and statewide artisanal crafts such as prehispanic-style textiles. Each costume (traje) and dance usually has a local indigenous historical and cultural meaning. Although the celebration is now an important tourist attraction, it also retains deep cultural importance for the peoples of the state and is important for the continuing survival of these cultures

Guelaguetza is a Zapotec word which denotes the act of participating cooperation; It is a free gift that carries no more obligation of reciprocity.

The Guelaguetza of the Lunes del Cerro is expressed in the offering to the City of Oaxaca that make representative groups of eight traditional regions:

  • Los Valles Centrales
  • La Sierra Juárez (Norte)
  • La Cañada
  • Tuxtepec
  • La Mixteca
  • La Costa
  • La Sierra Sur
  • y el Istmo de Tehuantepec

The Guelaguetza will have the following dates

First Guelaguetza from 22 to 26 July 2016

Second Guelaguetza 29 to August 2, 2016.

Come and enjoy this celebration.


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Bahías de Huatulco

Bahías de Huatulco, centered on the town of La Crucecita, is a tourist development in Mexico. It is located on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. Huatulco’s tourism industry is centered on its nine bays, thus the name Bahias de Huatulco, but has since been unofficially shortened to simply Huatulco. Huatulco has a wide variety of accommodations from rooms for rent, small economy luxury hotels, luxury villas, vacation condominiums, bed and breakfasts, as well as several luxury resorts standing on or near the shores of the beach

Huatulco is a tourist destination concerned with the care of natural resource and the low impact to the environment. Huatulco is supported by national and international awards that distinguish t from other tourist destinations these are the certications EarthCheck Platinum (as a community recognized for its sustainable development) Nlue Flag ( a European certication od Bahía Chahué) and clean Beaches (a national Mexican Certicate of the bays of Chahué and El Organo)

Huatulco it has recently becomen part of the selec grup of the 100 most sustainables tourist destinations in the world upon receiving the 2014 Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations Award.



La Crucecita

La Crucecita

La Crucecita is the main rown in the resort of Huatulco. It is located  just 2 kilometers from the bay of Santa Cruz and Chahué. This area is the main residential, commercial and service area, found in the northeast of resort. It is a good place for shopping, enjoy a meal or an evening stroll.  The main square of La Crucecita, also called the park, is the starting point for the many activities offered by this warm, quiet and safe place. also you can find souvenir shops, restaurant, cafes market, hotels.

In La Crucesita is located the main churc, insede the curch is the world of the virgin of Guadalupe (about 65 feet) largest painting.

Huatulco market, which takes its name from the religious celebration of “Tres de May”o in honor of the Santa Cruz , is located in the city center, within walking distance of the park. There are many stalls inside the market; you can find crafts, chocolate, string cheese, beef jerky, grasshoppers, tlayudas, mezcal, traditional clothing, accessories beach, souvenirs, fruits and vegetables

There are variety of restaurants in La Crucecita ranges from traditional Mexican tacos, French, Italian, Arabic, American courts and of course the Oaxacan including tlayudas, beef jerky, string cheese, grasshoppers and mole among the highlights.

Some Restaurant that you can visit

  • Terracota
  • Casa mayor
  • Tostados Gril
  • Sabor de Oaxaca
  • La Red
  • Oasis
  • Ónix
  • La Crema

La CRucesita

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Eco Archeological Park Copalita

The Eco-Archeological Park Copalita extends over an área of 200.50 acres; presents a great diversity of ecosystems and a high cultural. Copalita was occupied by the mixtec and zapotec cultures.

The archaeolical remains of Copalita date from 900 A.C. 1000 D.C. as the ball game, a rocky frormation knwn as stones of sacrifes which is on the adge of the cliff, with a spectarcular view overlooking the coast.

Copalita features a great diversity of flora and fauna, it is also very important for the activity of brid watching over 227 species of migratory bird.


Chahue Bay

It has an area of 309.83 hectares and has been designed to cover low-density tourist accommodation. Condos and timeshares have been designed on the front of the main beach; while in the valley of access, it has settled the housing downtown La Crucecita which houses most of the inhabitants of the old town of Santa Cruz.
Chahue Bay has three beautiful beaches: Tejon, Esperanza and Chahue, surrounded by tropical vegetation and rugged rock formations.

Chahue Bay

Tejon Beach

It measures 125 meters long and 35 meters wide. The slope is strong and the sand is white and gold in the dry zone in the wet zone. The emerald green water can be seen up to 10 meters out, after that its tone is turquoise blue. The temperature is regularly tempered with moderate waves. Its depth reaches 8 meters to 20 meters offshore, is surrounded by pioneer vegetation and mangroves.

Located northwest of Santa Cruz Huatulco, 5 minutes by car, taking the road leading to the hotel area of Tangolunda.

No services available.

Oaxaca Huatulco Tejon 960 x 651

Esperanza Beach

Its slope is moderate and covers approximately 110 meters long by 35 meters wide (360.89 to 114.82 feet respectively). The water is emerald green and has warm temperature; the waves are strong and shallow. It is deciduous flora and fauna such as that of the other bays.

It is located east of the Bay Chahué only 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) on the road that leads to Tangolunda Bay.

No services available.

Playa Esperanza

Chahue Beach

The sand is white medium grain and usually 50% of the area is wet due to moderate swells. The water is warm green and blue shades.

For its size and location is the main beach of Chahue Bay. It is approximately 600 meters long by 60 meters wide.

They have also agreed on a wide range of tourist services such as four-star hotels and several beach clubs.

To reach this beach, follow Boulevard Chahue until joining the Benito Juarez Boulevard go left 50m. bound for Tangolunda and then turn right to finally arrive at the beach.

Playa Chahue

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The Arrocito Beach

Small but Beautiful

The Arrocito is the perfect beach to build a house and spend the rest of life in this tropical paradise. It is located just before the Tangolunda Bay, there is a small sign before the lookout and you have to turn right. This small beach, with its particular type of sand, from it takes its name, is ideal to visit with family because of its gentle waves and size, where children are always in view.

Playa El Arrocito2

The Arrocito Name

The Arrocito beach is named after its sand that looks like small grains of rice. Its name comes from that characteristic. The sand is very different from other beaches of Huatulco; is a bit thicker, and mixed with small rocks shell fragments. Although it is not a large beach, it is a favorite one in Huatulco. The beach is surrounded by luxury hotels, villas, condominiums and residences with spectacular ocean view.

The beach is surrounded by rock formations, which act as natural wave breaks, and it offers good places for snorkeling or diving. Local divers armed with a rod with a hook at the tip, dive for octopus, lobsters and oysters. There are no restaurants on the beach but some families sell oysters on their half shell and shrimp cocktails, also soft drinks and beer in the improvised shade mangroved palapas.

The parking lot is located on the small hill, and to reach the beach, visitors must descend a few steps down a staircase. It is very important not to leave garbage on the beach, in the parking lot there is a boat for depositing waste. Fish or turtles can die by swallowing plastic materials. If you bring bottles or any kind of food you can wrap your package or can become garbage, throw on the beach or around. Because the beach is very small, it could quickly become a dirty place. The beauty and peace of the place has to continue as is, with the aim of preserving this stunning paradise called Huatulco.

Playa El Arrocito


Reference: Playa el Arrocito Huatulco. (n.d.) [October 2015]. (On line). Available at,huatulco,playa-el-arrocito/

Tangolunda Bay

Within the 243 hectares of the bay there are high-density tourist hotels, especially those known as “all-inclusive”.Also it has some malls, plus a golf course with 18 holes in an area of 78 hectares. It also has residential areas and villas.

As an important point, it provides good anchorage and shelter from bad weather in the case of smaller boats.

Tangolunda Bay-names

Moderate swell is representative on the following five beaches that comprise it: Rincon Sabroso, Tangolunda, Bolt, Manzanilla and Ventura; all conducive to practice all kinds of water sports.

Playa Rincón Sabroso

It has regular slope and moderate swell. For these features 40% of the beach is kept moist, its fine white sand color contrasts with the greenish-blue water. The Zaashila Camino Real Hotel is the only one located in front of it.

1.Playa Rincon Sabroso

Playa Tangolunda

It has moderate slope and fine sand, warm water, emerald green and moderate waves. The beach is good for the practice of all water sports. There is an path to get there by the Benito Juarez Boulevard, next to the Hotel Quinta Real. You have to go through a Trailer Park area, with showers and bath service, pass the golf course and finally what remains of an estuary. The Dreams and Barcelo resorts share this beach too.

2.Playa Tangolunda

Playa Tornillo

It´s part of the three beaches that frame the facilities at Las Brisas Hotel. That´s why the only way to get to there, if you are not a guest at this hotel, is by boat. Here is a Convention Center and a football field.

Due to its characteristics of slope and gentle waves, is recommendable for water sports. The fine-grained white sand, it is excellent for sunbathing and walking along the edge of the beach.

3.Playa Tornillo

Playa Manzanilla

Similar to the Ventura and Tornillo beaches. Its swell is soft, emerald green waters and gentle slope. They are recommendable for water sports also.

4.Playa Manzanilla

Playa Ventura

With gentle slope and waves, crystal clear waters, emerald green highlighted with white sand, this beach is excellent for going snorkeling, sailing and kayaking tours to the Montosa island located in the middle of the bay.

5.Playa Ventura

Conejos Bay

This is the first bay from East to West of the touristic development of Huatulco. It´s possible to get there by boat or by car taking the boulevard Benito Juárez towards the highway to Salina Cruz.

It is composed by the following four beaches: Conejos, Punta Arena, Arena  y Tejoncito. All of them are ideal for swimming, diving or sport-fishing.

Its main characteristics are a length of 1,875 meters approximately, of medium and fine sand , gentle slope and strong white color. The water temperature is warm.

Bahía Conejos

Playa Conejos

It is located in the northeastern part of Conejos Bay . Due to the all-inclusive hotel that is in it, the main entrance is reserved for guests only, but there is a path starting at the sidewalk part where any visitor can still enter.

This beach is sandy, white and has a moderate slope. It is about 500 m long by 60 m wide. The water is warm and clear with blue and green hues. It is shallow to 15m inward where rock landforms are like at their ends.

Playa Conejos

Playa Punta Arena

This nice little beach is located northwest of the Bay of Conejos. It is approximately one kilometer long by 30 to 50 m wide. Further in the area there are small eroded hills and stony walls forming aesthetic attractive to the eye of anyone who approaches the place figures.

The access to this beautiful beach is located 200 meters from Benito Juarez Boulevard , heading to La Bocana beach.

Playa Punta Arena

Playa Arena

This beach is located by the Punta Arena beach, west of the Conejos Bay just 300 meters from the Boulevard Benito Juárez.

Playa Arena

Playa Tejoncito

This beach is ideal for those who like privacy. It´s 75 meters long by 20 meters wide with a gentle slope. The fine and white sand contrasts with the green and blue hues of the water, which has gentle waves and shallow. In its shore predominate mangrove and mesquite vegetation.

Playa Tejoncito

*Playa Magueyito

This beach is known by locals as ” The Magueyito ” is not part of the Bay of Conejos but adjacent to the first beach. It´s worth to mention it since it has an admirable landscape thanks to a small island that forms in front of her. At ground level, becomes visible only when you reach the far east of the Conejos beach and get through a narrow path of no more than 20 meters to know it.

Despite not having services, sometimes you can find people fishing at seashore or some couples from the ” all inclusive” hotel looking for a little privacy.


Huatulco´s Bays and Beaches

Following are some notes from Las Palmas Huatulco´s blog regarding general information of the 9 bays and the 36 beaches of the Huatulco´s touristic development. The idea is to share a little bit of the main attractive of this piece of paradise to old and new friends, as well as future guests.

Huatulco Developed Bays

The description will start with bays and beaches located from east to west. Therefore it will go from La Bocana beach until Coyote.

Bays and Beaches

La Bocana Beach

This is the beach where the Copalita river ends, which happens to be the water supplier of Huatulco. It is 1 kilometer long with a steep slope and sand not too clear.

Located east of Huatulco it has access by car or boat. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes to get there from Las Palmas.

La Bocana

Because of its waves It ´s known for being the only beach at Huatulco to go surfing. Local people go there for fishing, regular visitors to swim or just to take a sunbath. There are rock walls around that allow the practice of rappel and climbing.

Two restaurants are right in front of the sea and a viewpoint between them. Women from a traditional spa usually offer a mud bath to people that just arrive after finishing a rafting tour. WC and shower services are available, but they are not adapted for handicap.

There is also the chance to know other interesting places around it. Just a 5 minutes’ walk from there is the Copalita Eco-Archeological Park a natural reserve with archeological vestiges that shows how ancient cultures were able to adapt by using elements of their ambient context. A little further, 5 minutes driving, heading to Copalita town there is an Iguana Farm located by the river´s bridge on the left side.

Cash and mosquito repellents are suggested.